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"د کندوز ښار په شاوخوا سيمو کې لا هم طالبان شته"

KUNDUZ CITY (Pajhwok): Public representatives and residents of northern Kunduz province have expressed their deep concern over the continued presence of Taliban fighters in areas around the provincial capital.
Two months back, the Taliban overran the strategic city and controlled it for three days. However, the security forces launched a clearing operation to retake the provincial capital after two weeks of fighting.
Provincial Council (PC) Chairman Amruddin Wali said the presence of Taliban in several localities on the edge of Kunduz City posed a serious security threat. He added people were genuinely worried about the prevailing situation.  
After being flushed out from Kunduz City, the Taliban had got shelter in the Gor Tepa, Hazrat Sultan, Kinm, BozKhandari, Asqala and Aqtash areas of Khanabad district, wherethey roamed freely, he claimed.
He demanded a clearing operation in the areasto deal effectively with the threat the insurgents posed to the provincial capital.
Abdul Rahim, resident of 300-Family Village, also said for two week booms of gunfire could be heard in the area, fuelling fear and uncertainty among the people.  The security forces have been shelling Taliban positions from Bala Hesar and airport bases.
On the other hand, police chief Mohammad Qasim Jangal Bagh said security forces had established new check posts in sensitive areas and were advancing on insurgent positions.He added an operation was underway in Taliban-infested areas.


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