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Sunday, September 8, 2013 - 13:15

PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): Having a taotal of 14 districts, Baghlan has a population of 890,000 individuals and the province is known an industrial and agricultural zone.  
The residents of the province said administrative corruption, armed groups presence and incompetent officials were major problems that contributed immensely to insecurity.
A laborer: We want corrupt officials arrested and punished.
Hamid Ibrahim Haba, former worker at Pul-i-Khumri textile factory said unfortunately during President Karzai government corrupt people had the opportunity to make more money because they knew they could not be punished. Haba 50 said the embezzlement and other corruption were taking place as far as they were in power because they knew no one would ask them for what they did.
“I am astonished because the government knows officers pay for posting of their choice. They get around monthly salary of around 10,000Afs that’s’ why they involve in bribes and corruption,” he said, adding when a government employee has only 5,000 Afs salary then how they were buying big cars and buildings?
Trader: People think there is no municipality.    
Haji Faizullah, a trader in Pul-i-khumri said the problem is that people were thinking there was no municipality. Going into details, he said the mayors were appointed on nepotism and paying money and in return they would definitely accepted bribes from people to do their legitimate work.
A handicapped person says our main problem is joblessness.
Mir Bacha, a handicapped person in Baghlan said they were suffering from joblessness, adding that the government was paying him 2,000Afs, which were not sufficient.
“Our main problem is joblessness and the government doesn’t have any plan to create job opportunities especially for the persons with disabilities,” he said, adding he served all his life and involved in politics to facilitate others, complaining he had been unable to meet an MP to discuss his problem.
According to the available date of the Laborer, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled Ministries and provincial department, there are around 9,000 persons with disabilities throughout the province.
Civil society activist: Working opportunities need to be created.
Executive director for civil society associations’ network in Baghlan said, if the officials, the governor’s office and the civil society chalked out a feasible strategy to create job opportunities for deserved people then most of the jobless manpower could be adjusted. “I am sure there will be considerable improvement in the overall state of affairs and will fill the gap between the government and the people,” he added.
Student: Law needs to be implemented in letter and spirit.
Farhad, a student ad Hakim Sanayee University in Baghlan said most of the government employees were not above the law but they were not willing to implement the law.
He said public and private mafia had joined hands to plunder the national exchequer because of inefficient government system. He underlined the needs that government should work a comprehensive strategy to ensure protection of government assets.