13 – Gul Ahmad Azami:
Elected Senator:
Son of Ghulam Hazrat, Gul Ahmad Azami was born in the Pusht-i-rod district of western Farah province in 1969. He completed his education at Kabul Military University. He worked as military officer in various capacities.
Contacts: 0793415195, 0799243761
Balqis Roshan:
Elected Senator:
Bilqis Roshan is the daughter of Sarfaraz. She was born in western Farah in 1973. She completed her high school education and is now a student of political sciences faculty at Kabul University. She served as school teacher, member of provincial council and discharged his duties in an NGO.
Contacts: 0799600197
Emails: Belqis_roshan@gmail.com