1-      Nuristan Cultural Association:
The Nuristan Cultural Association was established in 2011 in provincial capital Parun in 2011, which is still functioning. Munawar Hamdard is heading the association. It has hundreds of members. The association is active in cultural and charity activities.
Contact: 0708311095  
 2 - Saya Public Association:
Saya was established in 2011 and its central office is located in Kabul. Its branch is situated in Nuristan. It is headed by Rahmatullah Rashidi and has different civil activities.
Contact: 0700670164
3 – Nuristan’s Youth Association:
Led by Ghulam Ali Nuristani, the Nuristan Youth Association is promoting youth related activities. The association was established in 2012 and has tens of members.
Contact: 0700662866