Son of Zafar Khan, Kapisa Governor Mehrabuddin Safi is born in 1961in Lech village of Alasai district.   
He completed his education from Kabul’s Harbi School in 1975 and then left for India for higher education the same year. He earned his degree in law and later received his master degree in defenec and strategic studies.  
General Mehrabuddin had served as defense attaché in Pakistan during Burhanuddin Rabani’s presidency. He was then appointed as Afghanistan ambassador to Pakistan in 1995.  He is appointed as Kapisa governor in 2011 and still discharges his duties on the same position.
He speaks Pashtu, Dari, Urdu, Hindi, Pashai, English and Arabic languages. He has his political affiliation with the Jamiat Islami Party.