1.      Kapisa National Radio and TV :
The Kapisa National Radio and TV have 12 different programs. A number of the program are being produced locally.   
Contact: 0786497597
2.      Bahar Radio:
Bahar radio is established by Engineer Malang Faqeer, which covers Parwan and Panjshir provinces as well. The Radio has 18 employees including six women.
Contact: 0786497597
Email: baktashwafa@gmail.com     
3.      Nijrab Radio:
Nijrab Radio is operating from Nijrab district of Kapisa province with 24 hours broadcasts. Dr. Abdul Mutalib Hamidis  established the radio. Two women are among its 12 employees
Contact: 0700230914
Email: nejrab@hotmail.com   
4 – Asr-i-Tamadon Weekly:
The weekly is established by Agha Bacha Shaida and Dr. Abdullah Nasr back in 2010. The outlet has been published 1, 000 copies per week. It has 11 employees.
Contact: 0773648471 – 0796558445
Email: aghabacha_shaida@gmail.com   
5.       Wefaq Magazine:
Wefaq magazine is established by Sayyed Nasr Taqadusi in 2005. The magazine has been published bi-weekly and has its circulation in Parwan, Panjshir and Kabul as well. The outlet has 11 employees. 
Contact: 0799696669   
6.      Kuhsaran Monthly.  
Kuhsaran Monthly is being published by Kapisa cultural youth. It is a monthly magazine with Noor Rahman Naseh is its chief editor. Mostly, the magazine covers social and cultural issues.