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Monday, July 29, 2013 - 12:15

ASAD ABAD (PAN): People in Kunar demand of the government to construct dams elsewhere in the province, which would help generate electricity and irrigate thousands acres of lands.
They are of the opinion that construction of dams would leave far-reaching positive impact on their economy.
They said Kunar River and other small rivers flow in the heart of the province while authorities are unable to kick off construction of dams. Ultimately, the waters of the rivers flow toward Pakistan without any use of it.
Muhammad Israil, resident of Asad Abad told Pajhwok Afghan News his top demand of the government is construction of power generation.
“Progress, prosperity and development are interlinked with electricity. If there is electricity then there will be more industries, trade and commerce, and enhanced health services,” he added.
He said Kunar has occupied a geo-strategic location feasible for the construction of dams, which could generate enough electricity to export to neighboring provinces even.
Abdul Wali Salarzai, resident of Asmar district said Taq dam in his district on Kunar River has the capacity to generate 2,000 megawat telectricity, adding that the survey for the much delayed project was completed during former king, Dawood Khan regime.
Criticizing the government, Salarzai said authorities failed to fulfil their promises, asking the government to launch work on the projects.
Zia-ul-Haq Sapi, inhabitant of Asad Abad district said the residents of Kunar are ready voluntarily to protect the dam once its construction work is launched.
“Only the people of Kunar will not benefit from the dam but people of the eastern part of the country will reap its fruits,”  he added.
Niamatullah, resident of Nari district demand of the government to launch power generating projects, control deforestation, adding that chopping of trees led to creation of multiple environmental hazards.
He urged the government should take practical steps for the protection of forest and work for further forestation.
Faulad Mashwani, resident of Dangam district said the district is under sporadic attacks from Pakistani side since two years. Hundreds of rockets have been fired by Pakistani Army, which resulted in the loss of lives and properties, he added.
He underlined the need of retaliation from the Afghan security forces to any aggression from the Pakitani side, saying that border security should be beefed up.
Qari Ihsanullah, resident of Shigal district said highways are not protected amid reports of kidnapping and looting of government officials and NGOs workers. He demands of the government to bolster security on highways so that people could travel without any sense of fear.
Zabihullah Ghazi, resident of Watapur district, Taeed Afghan, resident of Marawara district, Fareeduallah, a former and resident of Sarkani district and Muhammad Nasar, resident of Narang districts vehemently demand of the government to immediately start construction work on dams in the province in an apparent attempt to facilitate the masses.