PARAKH (PAN): Though Panjshir has witnessed completion of some development projects during the last decade but residents complained some direly needed projects could not be completed in parts of the province.
Bridges, culverts and protecting walls of rivers and canals had been built and the constructions of some water-channels were among the implemented projects in the province, they added.
Shah Wais, a resident of Bazarak locality said major work had been done in the rehabilitation program in Panjshir province, adding multiple roads in the district and provincial capital had been constructed while work on remaining roads was in progress.
He said ruler development department had helped completed several projects and currently working on the drinking water projects was underway.
“The residents will be able to get clean drinking water from the mountainous streams,” he added.
Shortage of irrigation and potable water, he said were among the big issues that were needed to be resolved without further delay.
Ahmad Rishad, member of Panjshir development council said cold storages had been built by the ruler development department to keep the agriculture crops safe.
He went on to say that farmers in Panjshir were able to export apple, apricot, raspberries and potatoes to other provinces, adding the growers had to sell their agro products before the facility of cold storages.
He said that the World Bank (WB) was sponsoring the rehabilitation work worth $600,000 in Panjshir province.
Murtaza, a farmer from the province told Pajhwok Afghan News the construction of warehouses benefited farmers’ community to greater extent and the farmers were now able to keep their fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.
Abdul Azim Khurumi, head of Panjshir Ruler Development Department said as many as 234 development councils had been established for the development of the province.
Each council had 12 members who were mutually deciding in consultation with the concerned departments regarding launching development work on any particular project.
Panjshir had witnessed implementation of rehabilitation projects worth thousands of dollars, he said, adding that uplift projects would go on in the province.
Officials of education department said a number of schools’ buildings had been constructed during the last few years elsewhere in the province.