KABUL (PAN): Presidential candidate Mehboobullah Koshani has accused some candidates of receiving financial support from abroad during the two-month election campaign that ended at between Monday and Tuesday.

"It is crystal clear to all and sundry that some of the candidates are getting support including financial help, from outside. Without that assistance, they would have been unable to run their campaign," he alleged without naming any hopefuls or the country helping them.

In an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News on Tuesday, Koshani said he had jumped into the electoral fray to help his party, Hizb-i-Azadagan Afghanistan, make its presence felt -- not to secure the top slot.

"Those intent upon grabbing the top slot are not loyal to their countrymen," he said, adding the main objective behind establishing the Hizb-i-Azadagan Afghanistan was to serve the nation.

"Our strategy is not confined to hollow slogans, but we evolved it after thoroughly analysing the current and past situation in the country. We believe the problems facing Afghanistan can be resolved," he continued.

Koshani said some armed groups were involved in campaigning for candidates at in remote areas of the country

Asked about his plans for bringing stability to the war-devastated country, he replied stability did not mean disarmament alone; it meant strengthening the economy and boosting health, education and other key sectors.

He felt the Afghan youth joined militancy after failing to find jobs. "If we want to deal with the insurgency, we have to offer jobs to our youth," stressed the presidential hopeful.

Stressing the need for result-oriented talks with insurgents, Koshani said peace could not be restored through half-hearted measures. He also called for the elimination of corruption from government departments.

About the development of the country, he said the best utilisation of Afghanistan's own resources could help mitigate its economic problems. "No change has so far been seen in the living standards of the ordinary people despite development claims of the government. People got disappointed when the promises made to them are broken."