Special Reports

Paktika is located to the southeast of the country, bordering Paktia and Ghazni in the north. In its northeast is lying Khost and southwest north and South Waziristan Agencies. Baluchistan province of Pakistan and Zabul are located to its west.
1- Katawaz fuel and gas basin:
Katawaz fuel and gas basin is located to the north of Sharan, the capital of Paktika province. The location is close to Yahyakhel, Zarghoon Shahar, Janikhel and Khoshamand districts. Measuring 40,000 square kilometres area, thicknesses of its sedimentary jewels reach 6,000 metres.

SHARAN (PAN): Security has been improved to greater extent after deployment of Afghan Local Police (ALP) in parts of the strategically located Paktika but some parts of the restive province still experiences militants’ attacks on government installations and officials. 

SHARANA (PAN): Provincial authorities said Paktika was in dire need of building multiple projects and to develop the entire infrastructure by keeping in view the bright future of the country.
The officials said during the last few years, the far-flung province was heading on path to progress and development after completion of few rehabilitation projects.
Some residents while rejecting the claims of rehabilitation in the province said much more was needed to be done for substantial development. 

SHARANA (PAN): Education officials said progress had been made to promote the education sector in the restive Paktika but the vital area was still facing multiple obstacles.
Ustad Kochai Zazai, head of Paktika education department said the province had 344 active schools with 207 primary, 59 secondary and 85 high schools.

SHARAN (PAN): Economy and revenue generation of around 70% people of the southeastern Paktika province depends on agriculture and livestock but the residents of the volatile region complained the government does not pay any attention to develop the sectors.
Mohammad Wasil, head of agriculture, irrigation and livestock department believed shortage of water dams was among the major problem being confronted by the Paktika growers, adding water scarcity did not meet the growing demand of the farmers.