Special Reports

Kapisa is a mountainous province located on the eastern latitude of 69 degrees and 21 minutes and northern longitude of 35 degrees. The province has a total 121 square kilometres area and situated 1,500 meters above the sea level.
Kapisa is among the central provinces of the country bordering Panjsher in the north, Parwan in the west, Kabul in the south and Laghman in the east. The province is located 65 kilometres north of capital Kabul.

MAHMOOD RAQI (PAN): Officials express optimism by saying that development activities are going ahead with some sectors in central Kapisa province witnessed enormous development.
Governor Gen. Mihrabudin Sapai told Pajhwok Afghan News that projects worth $96 million have been implemented in education, agriculture, and health sectors with some roads have also been constructed.
Noting with satisfaction, he said that construction work on as many as 50 small water dams are underway, which would help resolve multi-dimensional problems of the residents.

Mahmud-i-Raqi (PAN): Kapisa education officials said much have been done to push ahead the education sector in the province but the crucial sector still faces hurdles and challenges.
Abdul Zahoor Hakim, head of Kapisa education department said the outgoing and the first half of the current year saw implementation of large scale projects in education sector. 
Buildings for a number of schools were built last year, he said, adding agriculture universities and teachers training institutes were constructed elsewhere in the province.

Mahmood Raqi (PAN): Kapisa officials said economy of the people mainly depends on agriculture and livestock that’s why dams are being built in various parts of the province.  
The officials said building more dams would help strengthen and stabilize local economy. Residents said they still face serious shortage of irrigation water.  
Kapisa Governor Gen. Mehrabuddin Sapi told Pajhwok Afghan News currently transit route is passing through his province connecting Tangi with Salang, promising that economic center would be built somewhere in Kohistan.  

Kapisa (PAN): Kapisa security officials said security in the province has improved with criminal activities witnessed decline as compared to the outgoing year.    
Kapisa Governor Gen. Mehrabuddin said security is stabilized amid hectic efforts by the security forces as compared to the previous year. With the exception of Alasai and Taghab districts, people in the entire Kapisa live a comfortable life, he said, adding a total of 600 policemen are deployed in Taghab and Najrab districts to maintain security to reverse momentum of the anti-state elements.