GHAZNI (PAN): A 93-km road was inaugurated by the Provincial Governor and community leaders of Ghazni province. The road from Ghazni to Gardez is 93 km long. It’s a vital road for both provinces in terms of local commerce and businesses, said provincial Governor General Mohammad Musa Akbarzada. He added, Ghazni has also been chosen as the center of Islamic civilization to be celebrated in 2013 and along this road more historical places and shrines are located, this new road will make it easier and quicker for people from everywhere in the region and the world to make pilgrimages to Ghazni. The importance of this road is that it connects us to other countries especially Pakistan, it links the Karachi border to our ring road which affect our economic, said Eng. Abdul Qodos Naeman Hamidi the Minister of Public work. This road is very important to Garderz and Ghazni residence, and it brought a lot of facilities for us so, we can easily travel to Pakistan to do our trades, said a residence of Ghazni province. They paid tribute to local Afghan construction workers who day after day work tirelessly to build this high qulity, long lasting road for the benefit of ordinary people living in Ghazni and Gardez.