BAMYAN (PAN): Most of the people of the province expressed optimism to actively participate in the upcoming elections, but some of the residents preferred to stay away during the ballots due to various problems.
The establishment of voters’ registration centers would cause low participation of people in the elections.
Pajhwok Afghan News conducted interview of as many as 25 women and men of whom only two middle agers said they would not take part because of established rules violations during the process.

BAMYAN (PAN): Residents of Bamyan mentioned their main problems included unemployment, non-existence of electricity, paved roads, health care centers and slow-paced development activities.
Without Yakawlang district, the remaining roads linking other districts with the provincial capital are unpaved. In addition, many villages are without roads with its residents shift their needed items by domestic animals.
Many Bamyani youth were going to foreign countries as a result of growing joblessness and sometimes some families are forced to leave their residences.

The people of Bamyan consider the rehabilitation program inconstant, demanding the authorities to accelerate work on projects to complete them without further delay.
The people of the province demanded the elimination of unemployment, support for education, respect for women rights and creation of more opportunities for higher education inside and outside the country.

People of central Bamyan province complain about insecurity, but the lack of roads and poverty are the biggest problems and the people want the future president to solve those problems.