VOTE.AF: Election Monitoring by Afghans

Pajhwok Afghan News has developed an independent, free and neutral social network, VOTE.AF, aimed at encouraging participation of Afghan citizens in the landmark presidential and provincial council elections.

VOTE.AF offers all citizens to share and publish their reports, articles, photos and videos and other events about the elections on this social network.

With the help of social media andinformation technology and telecommunication, Pajhwok Afghan News requests Afghans to participate in the VOTE.AF process and share accurate information.

In addition, VOTE.AF provides a platform for people to share their points of view, raise their voices, report events and interesting development relating to the elections.

Pajhwok Afghan News strives to inform and educate the people about the electoral process such rigging attempts, frauds and other irregularities in remote areas.

Moreover, the network aims to launch a robust mechanism for building strong coordination between electoral monitors and observers.

Through social media and modern technology, Pajhwok Afghan News strives to establish an information centre for international monitors and researchers in order to publish accurate information.