Pajhwok Afghan News requests all people to sharetheir eyewitness reports through the network and they must keep the following points in mind:

  1. The Afghans Votenetwork has been launched within the laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and members of the networks have to follow the established laws of the land.
  2. Writers have fullresponsibility of any published materials on AfghansVote.
  3. Members of the network should not publish articles, which are not based on accurate information.
  4. Members of the network should not publish unethical and offensive content.
  5. Keeping in view freedom of speech, which is the basic right of everyone, the members of Afghans Vote are required not to publish ideas based on gender, ethnic, linguisticand religious bias.
  6. The administrators of the network can delete any insulting and unethical contents from the website
  7. Based on the 69th article of the Pajhwok Afghan News policy,it publishes comments and ideas of public on its site. Therefore, everyone can share their views about the published contents but with a constructive criticism.
  8. However, Pajhwok Afghan News never publishes contents that arein contravention of its policy